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Equipment agnostisism is the Stankwell Falls Art Emporium mantra.


If you have an image capturing device with you - Use it! Photographic Art can be created with a six figure studio setup or a $3 drugstore disposable camera.

Some types of images require certain equipment. A hummingbird portrait is difficult without a telephoto lens...unless, of course, you have raised them from pups and they'll sit on your thumb while you grab a close-up. On the opposite end of the scale, macro equipment may be needed to focus really closely on a flower or bug.


Although some of the images in the Stankwell Falls Art Emporium have originated from state of the art Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm digital equipment with good glass, some images come from a 1956 Rolleiflex, an 80s Sinar view camera, various point & shoot digital and film cameras, iPhones, plus various other 35mm and medium format film cameras.

If you really need to know the details on a particular image, click on the little "i" below the photo for the info....

Digital post-processing is a major part of today's photographic world. It has completely replaced the old wet chemical darkroom for most phototographers, so learning Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other computer based post-processing tools may be as important as the camera or lens used to capture the light.

Don't worry too much about equipment. Use what you have and what you can afford.


Just make art.

-- Jeff


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